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Theresa A Johnson | Portrait Photographer

Theresa A Johnson Portrait Photographer

My Mission:

As a Visual Storyteller my mission is to create cherished Portrait Art celebrating the spirit behind character-filled faces with 

empathy, integrity, professionalism, attention to detail and a friendly, collaborative attitude. 

It's not only my professional mission to create a portrait that makes a client say:

"Oh my GOSH...that's the best picture of myself I've ever had done!".'s my privilege and a personal thrill. 

My Background

From as far back as I can remember; I've been obsessed with photos of people.

Whether I'm looking though boxes of antique daguerreotypes or vintage black & white photos of families or thumbing through images of people from different cultures in a stack of curated Nat Geo magazines...

I see their whole life in their eyes.

There are precious few photos of me growing up...even fewer of my parents or siblings...a fact I lament to this day. My motivation to make this my profession stems from a deep desire to prevent others from feeling this way.

As a teen; I was photographing weddings and special family gatherings on 110 film, "just because". As a young woman, I was mentored by long-since retired professional photographers, whose lessons on film development, basic fundamentals of Black & White portraiture and the "rules of photography" (including the importance of knowing when it's okay to break them!) simultaneously thrilled and inspired me.

There is never a time when I don't see SOMETHING or someone and say to myself:

"What a special picture that would make!"

Some might say I'm a little obsessed, even!

But isn't that the kind of person you WANT to create your cherished, printed memories?

Someone who is passionate about preserving the spirit through character-filled-faces.

Someone who cares deeply about helping you create heirloom albums, cherished wall art ...beautiful framed & matted memories to fill your home with. 

I've been at this professionally for 9+ years and have no plans to stop anytime soon .

I am honored to be your chosen photographer as you navigate this unpredictable and beautiful Life.

Let's make some Magic, together.

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