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Taj Portrait Plans 

Headshot/New Hire Subscription Svc.

Eliminate the hassle of having to constantly reach out to your photographer to schedule New Hire, additional Team Member and/or Staff Headshots.

This Subscription Service lets Companies pay once and forget it!


Just send your team members/new hires the email with Studio scheduling information and let them self-schedule a day and time convenient for all involved. 

Great for existing staff to get updated, seasonal headshots, too.


Valid for One Year and up to 10 Executive Portraits and Headshots.

Can be repeat Employees/Staff/Executives. Can include outdoor/environmental images shot near the studio. 

(A value of up to $3500. Studio location Only.) 

Select the appropriate option below for more information and Booking.  

Headshot By Taj Portraits

Choose your pricing plan

  • Company Headshot/New Hire Subscription

    Pay once. Use up to 10 times, as necessary in the calendar year.
    Valid for one year
    • Company Headshot/New Hire Retainer
  • Personal/Baby's First Year Plan

    Newborn plus: 1 family /sibling mini, 3 month, 6 month and 9 month sessions in 1 Plan and save $200
    Valid for 9 months
    • Baby's First Portrait (with prints)
    • Fresh 48 /Newborn Elite
    • In-Studio Personal Portraits
Baby's First Year Portraits

Baby's First Year Portrait Plan

Baby's First Year: Fresh 48 to Baby's First Birthday

This Plan offers Peace-of-Mind and Priceless Portraits in one. 

* Select Number/Type of Prints are included with each session.

* Select number of digital images included with each session.

* Social Share Digital Collage (tastefully watermarked) with each session

Plan Includes:

Fresh 48 session

Family & Siblings Mini (during the Fresh 48)

3- Months Milestone (Mini Session)

6- Months Milestone (Mini Session) 

9- Months Milestone


Baby's First Birthday Portrait Session

                      Savings of $200 

         (v.s each session booked individually)

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