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JP Courthouse | Backyard | Micro Wedding Photography

Taj Micro Wedding Photography

Taj Portraits specializes in "the small stuff" AKA: Micro, JP and Backyard weddings

Delaware Bridal Portrait

Micro doesn't mean "Unimportant"

What is a "Micro-Wedding"?

Any Wedding event attended by 80 people or less (including the Bridal Party and couple.)

Brides on a Budget appreciate the intimacy a micro wedding offers.

Whether it be in a special backyard space, the Justice of the Peace, County Courthouse, On-Location Elopement or just plain small and intimate...your Wedding memories will be anything BUT! 

I offer two price points based on how you want to share your Wedding Day memories: 

Digital Share Only    or    Digital Plus Album

Custom Service

You've spent a LOT of time and energy planning every last detail of your'll appreciate having some control over the Photography, too.

Schedule a complimentary consultation and let's put together the service AND products you want in one nice tidy package deal. 

Delaware Micro Wedding Photographer
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