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Taj * Boudior

Taj Boudiour
Boudior Portrait

Tasteful. Sensual.

"Boudior": bou·doir  /ˈbo͞odˌwär/

(noun : a woman's bedroom or private room)

Boudior sessions depict you, in your most beautiful if we've snuck a peek as you dress (or undress). We capture the nuance of expression, vulnerabilty and self appreciation for that which makes us feel beautiful. Desireable. "Drive-someoneWILD-able."

They are sensual....tasteful....classy-yet-seductive.

No two Boudior sessions are alike because we work together to create something that isn't merely "looked at"...


Schedule a complimentary consultation and let's manifest your boudior dream together.

Let’s Work Together

Taj Portraits

304 High St.

Suite 101, Seaford De.

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