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Pets and Their Humans

P.A.T.H.S. Portraits

The bond between our animal companions and their human(s) is everlasting. Document and celebrate that bond in priceless portrait art destined to be an heirloom piece shared with generations.

Delaware Pet Portrait

More than just a pet portrait

Pets bring your human companions in for a complimentary "get to know you" visit before your scheduled session! It's important they feel comfortable and able to relax. The studio is reserved for these sessions, so it's completely private. We'll capture the nuances of both the human(s) and the beloved pet...and even moreso, that sacred, quirky way you interact together. 

The experience

We'll spend about an hour, exploring the personalities, faces and relationship in a relaxed-yet-fun casual atmosphere according to YOUR vision for the final portrait art. 

(OH! And treats! There WILL be treats!)

About a week after the session, Humans are invited back in to view and select their most cherished images and print art. 

Pets and Their Humans Portraits
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