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Frequently Asked Questions

Infant portrait in black and white by Theresa A Johnson Portrait Photographer
Teens and Tweens Portrait photography by Theresa A Johnson Portrait Photographer


Here are some "Frequently Asked Questions I get from new clients who are not accustomed to everything a full-service portrait studio offers. If your question doesn't appear here...please drop me a line and ask directly. Chances are you aren't the first person to ask and you just might see your question added here in the near future! 

Q: I understand there is a "process". So just how does this all work?

A. It's a simple process really. I customize all of my sessions to my client's vision.

It goes a bit like this:

1.we have a chat/visit  where you get to tell me everything you want to get from your session.

2.After our chat, if you like what you hear...we get you "in the Books" (also know as: scheduled"). 

3. We have a lot of fun during the session.

4. I tell you when I expect to have your images ready for viewing/ordering (or in the case of Minis, I tell you when they'll be sent to you electronically).

5. We have an in-person viewing /ordering session (at which "OooOOoO-ing" and "AHHhhhH-ing" often occurs).

6. I call or email you when your prints/products are back from my professional Lab and ready for pick-up or delivery. 

Q: Do you provide an Online Gallery?

A: Yes & No.

Online Galleries are where your tastefully watermarked, Digital/Social Share images live until you download and/or share them. 

Social Share Galleries are not private and do not require a password. 

Executive/Brand/Headshot and Headshot Express Session Images ARE Password protected and Private. Full-Res images take up a lot of space when attached to email. So, as a professional courtesy; these images live on my bandwidth until you have downloaded/saved/shared/archived them for use. 

Q: Can I order more than the prints that came with my Booked service?

A: Absolutely! That's why we meet in-person a final time. 

When you come in for your viewing/ordering appointment; We'll be viewing your images on the wall in a frame. It makes it more easy to imagine what your prints might look like at home.

You can also see/feel/order additional prints/products during this appointment.

Q: Some of the services on the online Booking page do not permit me to Book automatically. Why?

A. Because my services are customized, manual Booking (as opposed to automatic Booking online) permits me to be more flexible in terms of the time and pricing.

Additionally, some services are only offered at specific times of the year and as such, must be Booked manually.

Q: I'm ready to invest in some professional portraits. Can I see an Investment Guide?

A: Sure! Here ya go:  See the Investment Page

Q: Do I have to pay the full amount at once?

A: Some services accept a non-refundable Deposit to hold your date and time. The balance is payable before your session either online or in-person at least 48 hour prior to your session start time. 

Q: Do you Drop-Ship my order?

A: In some instances, yes! 

But mostly, I am a quality control freak. I want you to be thrilled, so whenever possible, I will have your oder sent to me first. If you're local, you can come in to pick it up or we can arrange to have it delivered to you personally. 

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