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I opened a Studio one day, then had to close for 10. Here's what I learned from that experience...

Keeping one's commitments is ultra-important to me...even if it means closing my week-old Studio space down for 10 days.

Most local friends and family know how I came to get this space I've dreamt of for three years and counting already, so I will spare you those details, dear reader; for the purpose of this blog entry is to share what I learned while fulfilling my previously set commitment to serve as an Election Official for Delaware's Early Voting cycles, the Primary Elections and the General Mid-Term Elections.

(No, this isn't a political diatribe nor a discussion on any political candidate/platform or viewpoint....for the day has come and gone for that. The people have spoken!)

This is more-so observations I've made while being, for all intents and purposes...sequestered...and unable to build or conduct business while in service to the community.

  1. People are generally good-natured and eager to help one another.

When I shared the news about opening a studio with fellow election officials, the response was overwhelmingly supportive! I had an audience (captive?) who listened, offered advice and leant me a shoulder to commiserate on, too.

Many of the folks I served with are ALSO local business owners/entrepaneurs who felt compelled to help their community and the people within it in ways that have nothing to do with their respective businesses but everything to do with helping to make the lives of others a little bit better.

To do more-than-expected.

To make a difference.

It feels really good to be counted among these great folks and I am proud of everyone who worked together to conduct such a safe, streamlined, efficient and successful election process.

2. Small and micro-business owners wear a LOT of hats...

Especially when just getting up and running.

We tend to think success comes by default to business owners...but there is a LOT of hard work, sleepless nights and stress to go along with that success!

When I decided to give this a go; I became a painter, cleaner, interior designer, janitor, project manager, website developer, marketing specialist, social worker/counsellor, toddler wrangler, motivational speaker, introverted extrovert, set designer, social media specialist...and that's in addition to professional portrait photographer, visual artist and print specialist.

The line between employer/employee are non-existent at present...but that will be rectified in the coming months, 'cos there's NO way I can keep it up!

To all of the Marketing Specialists, Administrative Assistants, Office and Front-End Specialists, Janitorial and Painting/Construction folks out there... you have my utmost respect! (And I'll be giving some of you a call soon. I need help!)

I'm ready to get to the good stuff already! Let's make some portrait magic!

3. I'm not a "dreamer"....but dreams really DO come true!

I had completely given up on my dream to "open a Portrait Studio on High Street".

Don't ask me why my dream was so location specific...because I don't know...but people were really tired of hearing me say that! (I need to find out who ran a business from this location in the past. Putting that on my "to-do" list right now. *grins* )

I'd been working freelance and on-location for 7 years and had put down my camera completely...when this opportunity literally fell into my lap.

Being the "negative Nancy" I'd become; I almost didn't follow up on the lead, too!

I am immensely glad I resisted that urge...and still a little bit stunned to be honest!

I am thrilled to call Seaford "Home" set some roots, meet some really great folks and to be lucky enough to call them"friends", too.

I'm excited to become a part of the energy of the city, to be invited to document and participate in the special moments in the lives of the people I have yet to meet and call friend...

Most of all...

To grow where I am planted.