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Top 5 Reasons you DON'T need a Professional Photographer

I hear them every day....the reasons why people don't hire a professional photographer.

And I'm here to tell you; all the reasons why they're right!

In descending order:

5. "My friend has a great new camera and will be in attendance anyway. I can just ask her/him to photograph my #wedding for me."

You're right!

I'm sure they are really flattered that you've put them on-the-spot and asked them to take on that immense pressure and responsibility instead of showing up for you and enjoying the memories created at your event alongside and WITH you!

You don't need someone who has decades of experience, is calm cool & collected and who has made it their life's passion and career to take on that level of responsibility.

4. "My event isn't really a big deal. There aren't many people going, anyway."

You're right!

The few people who truly care about you enough to rearrange their schedules just so they can spend a little time with you probably don't care much about photos anyway ('cos, who knows when the next time we can all come together like this, right?).

I'm sure your beloveds don't want to look back on these photos while sharing memories with their children either.

3. "I keep all the photos I take on my phone already and social media backs it up for me so I can share and revisit them ."

You're right!

It's amazing how long we keep our phone (at LEAST 6 mos. or so) and SD cards are a lot more trustworthy these days, too. Social media is a lot more secure...our #memories and precious images are a lot safer from hackers and identity thieves than ever before.

2. "I will hire a professional photographer when I've lost this excess weight and get a face-lift. I look so.....old, yanno?"

(Well, you're NOT "right" about this one...but I DO agree with you in that, if you FEEL "old" or "fat" or "need a face lift", then you're going to see that when you look at your photos!) Because we *see* what we *feel*.

We don't see what our beloveds feel when THEY look at photos of us.

(This where my PASSION as a professional photographer, dwells; helping you see what your beloved feel about is my #1 goal. Everything else is secondary. )