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The Year is 1/3 over ALREADY!? Some highlights from my first few months


'Shew! That was FAST! I don't know about you, but for ME...the first few months of 2023 have FLOWN by and yet I feel like I have SO much more to accomplish.

As you can see from the Gallery up there; I've jumped in with both feet! So far, I've:

* Provided quick portraits to attendees of a great fundraising Gala for the Seaford (De) Historical Society (and hobnobbed with some of the City's more established Families, making some new friends in the process)

* Partnered with the Seaford (De) Senior High School "Blue Jays" to offer in-studio Traditional Senior Portraits to students who, for whatever reason, missed the opportunity to have their portrait in the soon-to-be-published Yearbook

* Provided updated Executive Portraits to banking executives moving up the corporate ladder while bringing great service to their community (Congratulations on your promotions, everyone!)

* Helped two wonderful humans doing wonderful things for their communities to represent their Brand via personality-filled portraits

* Photographed a local City Councilman for updated portraits to be used in Campaign Business and Brand material (both online and in print)

* Helped a beautiful young lady reclaim her power through Boudior portraits (WOWZA we created some stunners!)

* Preserved memories and created keepsake portrait art for two fantastic Families


Throughout all this...for my own growth and establishment as Seaford Delaware's un-official "Portrait Photographer In-Residence"; I've joined the Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club of Seaford in hopes that my unique perspective and services can be of some benefit to my community through their respective outreach and networking opportunities.

OH! And I've featured three new Seasonal backdrops / sets in Spring Mini-Session Marathon Weekend events. While these mini-session marathon weekends have not been quite as successful in getting families in for seasonal portraits; I am still considering making "Mini-Session Saturdays" a *thing*.

"Stay tuned" on that one!

Here's to making deeper connections, building lasting relationships and photographing my way into the heart of my community over the NEXT 4 months...and beyond.

(Think High School Seniors, Cake smashes, Childhood Milestones, Family Beach Portraits, Weddings, Engagements, Studio Fine Art Portraits, Pet and their Humans Families on-Location, Mommy-and-Me, Mother's Day, Daddy-andMe, Father's Day...and Generational Portraits in honor of Grand Parent's Day! Birthdays, Boudior, Branding, "Just Because"...

Oh MY!)

When you're in town for a visit... stop in and check on me, will ya!? :)

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